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Sewing on your own level at Naailes Eindhoven you get personal and professional guidance.

Sewing lessons- basic course

A lot of personal attention to learn the basics of sewing and to learn your own sewing machine.

Tuesday evening 19.30-21.30
Wednesday afternoon 14.00-16.00
Wednesday evening 19.30-21.30
Thursday morning 10.30-12.30
Thursday evening 19.30-21.30

Number of participants: 3

8 lessons of 2 hours

Cost € 265,-

Including fabric for the lessons, patterns, zipper, yarn, pattern paper, use of patterns, sewingmachine and overlocker. Coffee/ tea.

Sewing lessons- follow-up course

You have followed the basic course and you are ready for more depth.

Tuesday evening 19.30-21.30
Wednesday afternoon 14.00-16.00
Wednesday evening 19.30-21.30
Thursday morning 10.30-12.30
Thursday evening 19.30-21.30

Number of participants: 3

8 lessons of 2 hours

Cost€ 240,-

Including use of patterns and overlocker.
Coffee/ tea.



Would you prefer one-on-one guidance for your projects? Adjusting a pattern or making something special? Or an explanation about your lock- and sewing machine?

Day and time
Monday 10.30-12.30 or
Monday 13.30-15.30

Minimum 2 hours

Cost € 45,- 

Including use of patterns and overlocker.
Coffee/ tea.


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I work with a small group of participants with a maximum of 3 people. This way you get optimal personal attention.

Basic students and advanced students are in the same group.

This allows you to easily progress from basic to advanced and still follow your sewing lesson on the same evening.

You work at your own pace and level, so you can join at any time.

I help everyone to improve their skills with humor and fun.

Miriam Bode

Naailes Eindhoven

Online hulp via laptop of mobiel

Remote sewing assistance

Can’t figure your sewing project out on your own? And do you want remote assistance? Then schedule an appointment.

Help is available via Skype and mobile.

The costs are € 11,25 per 15 minutes.

At Naailes Eindhoven you learn:

Are you interested in learning to sew in a small group? Would you like to learn from a skilled and experienced seamstress?


A number of machines and materials are ready for use. But we encourage students to bring their own sewing machine and materials. That way you will learn how to best sew on your own device!



We really start at the beginning. And we take you step by step. So you learn how your own sewing machine works, basic sewing techniques and which various fabrics there are.

Your own project

You learn how to put a pattern on the fabric, the basic concepts such as flat seam, seam allowens, foot withe, topstitch, etc. During the follow-up course you can really get started with your own project.

“Always enjoyed going to classes, where everything is possible and nothing is necessary. Much learned and fun projects completed! Miriam has a lot of experience with projects of all levels and can therefore also offer solutions for non-correct patterns or mistakes. cozy atmosphere does not feel like a course, but you come home from an evening of relaxation. ”

Sanne Janssen

“Miriam, our teacher has the incredible skills to bring out the hidden talents with students, with patience, clarity and a great deal of positivity.”

Kurt Vangermeersch

“The lessons are in small groups, so there is enough space to ask questions, but also a nice chat while sewing. Miriam has an eye for everyone and fits in with what you are doing at the time. I am enthusiastic about the course and I am a new hobby richer. “

Minke De Zeeuw

“The nice thing about the lessons is that you can make your own projects. So you are not obliged to make the same clothes or bag with others at the same time. I have followed 12 lessons and am certainly not a star in sewing, but can do much more than I would have hoped in advance. The lessons are informal and small-scale. This gives everyone enough attention for their own learning points. “

Petra Szczerba

“I can say that I learned a lot of things in the basic course. I also like Miriam’s tips, she is always with you in your work. In short: highly recommended for those who also want to start sewing from both clothes and other things. “

Simone van Musscher

“The first lesson was devoted to getting to know your own sewing machine, that was a real revelation. He could do more than I thought! Everyone has their own sewing and is
concentrated during class. Miriam has a lot of experience and can explain everything well. “

Yvonne Potting

“Went from a total novice to being (almost) confident with using the sewing machine, drafting patterns and selecting fabrics. On top of that the classes were very fun! Totally recommended.”

Eleftheria Makri

The classes were very enjoyable and I could learn a lot. Also Miriam is very patient with students and friendly.”

Niki Efstratiou

“Miriam is a sweet, helpful and hospitable teacher. She helped me a lot with learning to sew. She also has many materials and patterns at her disposal. Highly recommended.”

Kirsten Brouwer

“Taking sewing lessons with Miriam is highly recommended! Miriam is a woman who understands her profession and who knows how to convey it well and patiently.
I took a few classes with Miriam. I learned so much from that, I could never have learned that myself through books, YouTube, etc. Miriam has given me many tips and tricks that have helped me a lot as a (very) starting seamstress.
The lessons are in small groups, so that there is sufficient attention for your questions. You can also learn a lot from fellow students.
During the lessons you can work on your own projects. There is plenty to choose from the existing pattern collection or you can bring your own pattern.
In the meantime, you will also learn a thing or two about different types of textiles and sewing tools.
And not unimportant: it is also very nice to sew together while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea.”

Susanne van Laarhoven-Groenendijk

“As a beginner, I was at the right place with Miriam! After learning the basics, Miriam guides you with a lot of knowledge, skill and patience in projects that you would like to work on yourself. Miriam knows how to divide her attention well among the students and there is a lot of room for questions. And above all, I found the lessons very enjoyable!”

Maaike Brinkmann

“How I enjoyed Miriam’s sewing lessons. Nice and cosy, expert advice from Miriam and also thinking along with and advising each other was very nice! Got a lot of useful advice!”

Elga de Jonge

“I highly recommend Miriam’s sewing classes. When I started the sewing courses, I was a complete beginner. After a few classes and thanks to Miriam’s help, I was able to work on my own projects (dresses, pants, t-shirt…). I really appreciated the fact that Miriam works with small groups of students to make sure that everybody gets proper help. Sewing classes with Miriam are also a very nice way to meet with new people, in a very friendly atmosphere.
Thank you Miriam!”

Mallaury Ott

“As a beginner I really enjoyed taking sewing lessons with Miriam. I have learned many useful techniques in a short time, which means that I can start a new project with more certainty. In addition, I also really enjoyed being taught in a small group, which made it feel like a fun and relaxed activity!

Yang Mei Frings

“Enjoyed sewing lessons. Miriam deliberately chooses small groups. Everyone can get started quickly and at their own level. I was an ‘absolute beginner’, but you choose your own projects almost immediately and I learned a lot about my machine along the way, how patterns fit together, how to read descriptions. I now have the confidence that I can go a long way on my own. Knowing that I can always call on Miriam with a private lesson…”

Helen Boumans

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